One of the top perks about the Fulltime RV Lifestyle is that we can live anywhere – well, as long as there is a road to get there. We are currently in Windsor, California where our son, Cx, lives. He and his girlfriend/life partner, Gx, have just purchased a house on nearly an acre of land. The favorite phrase used by everyone to describe this property is “it has potential“. Most people would run away from a place like this. Not these two. This is exactly what they want. For my husband, Jay, this is just up his alley, too – a handyman’s heaven! So we’ve come to Windsor to help them out. I’ll share their progress and some before and after pictures in upcoming posts.100_1638

Today I want to show you the simple beauty of Windsor. This is a town of about 25,000 people north of San Francisco. I don’t know the exact miles. This is California so people talk in terms of how long it take to get somewhere. Windsor is somewhere between 90 minutes and two hours from the big city. If you are looking at a map, it is on highway 101 just 15 minutes north of Santa Rosa. 

The center of town has been established as a village green. They allowed plenty of room. You’ll see people walking, playing frisbee or just sitting and reading a book. The library is on one of the adjacent streets along with the other city offices. The green sets just the right tone for the town.  

100_1643The business buildings surrounding the green have that old traditional Village Green look although they are really quite new. There are no mega-businesses that attract people to work here. It is more like an excellent place to just live. There are some gourmet-level restaurants, a few fast food places, small shops and no major department stores.

The major attraction here is that this is wine country. Windsor is in Sonoma County so that means any spare acre is turned into a vineyard. In addition to all the beautiful vineyards, Windsor is surrounded by low hills covered  with stately oak trees. All of that plus the usually bright blue sky makes this a great place to live, and to visit.