childrensclassicsPrairie Night Before Christmas

 ***Now in print as Cowboys Night Before Christmas 

Written and Illustrated by James Rice

Pelican Publishing Company, 1986

I’m showcasing this book for all you cowboys and cowboy lovers. It’s the story of “two lonely cowboys”  – the old cowhand and the youngster, who remind me of Dusty and Lefty of Prairie Home Companion fame. Here’s a summary of the plot:  

On a cold, stormy Christmas Eve a stranger was banging on the bunkhouse door. He was a bearded old man dressed in boots and a stetson. He asked for their help with a cargo load he was trying to deliver. So the three of them hitched up some longhorn steers to his wagon. After some struggle the team finally took off. And to the surprise of the old cowhand and the youngster, the team flew up into the air! 


There’s another surprise back in the bunkhouse for the two cowboys but I won’t spoil it for you. This was a charming take on the classic Night Before Christmas that I think will please both children and the old cowboys.

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