Christmas shopping is so much nicer during the week when everyone else is working! Unless you –

  •    like to shop with everyone elbowing you to get at what you are looking at 
  •    you like to wait in long lines for the privilege of handing them your money 
  •    competitive shopping is your hobby 
  •     walking ten miles from the back parking lot and through the mall is your way to exercise.

But me? No, thank you. My sister and I visited Kohl’s on Friday morning after Thanksgiving. There were people everywhere. There were ten clerks checking people out and the line wound down the length of the store and back again. They told us it was an hour and a half wait in that line! Do I need to do this? No. I can wait until Tuesday or Wednesday morning when the shelves are restocked and the clerks are less hassled. I’ll take my time to stroll through the shops.

Yes, I’m very happy to be retired.