100_1035In August of 2007 we were about 15 miles outside of Fairbanks, Alaska and what did we discover? The North Pole. Really. The Real North Pole. There is a U.S. Post Office, houses where real people live, a church, stores and so on. 

We saw a sign that said “Santa’s House Straight Ahead”. Wow – maybe we could see Santa or Mrs. Claus! There were only a few cars parked outside the house and a couple of motorcycles (the big fancy ones) were just leaving the parking lot. After we parked,there were some ladies walking by from the grocery store and they said it was okay to go on into the house. They told us that if Santa and Mrs. Claus were home they would be glad to talk with us. So we went on in. 

The house was beautifully decorated with with evergreen garland and trees and lots of Christmas lights. There was a nice little lady that greeted us, although she was not Santa’s wife. She invited us to look all around and come back if we had any questions.

We wandered into room after room. It was just what I expected Santa’s house to look like: Christmas decorations every day of the year. There was one room that had a huge Christmas tree and two very comfy chairs. Unfortunately, the chairs were empty. We walked back to the front and asked the nice lady where Santa was. She said, I’m sorry. You missed him. He left on his Harley about 15 minutes ago. We must have passed him in the parking lot!

We were so disappointed but, we bought some snow globes and postcards for our granddaughters. I guess we’ll have to come back again.

True story – honest. Here’s our picture outside the house to prove it.northpole1