wfmwI know there are a number of businesses who will arrange all sorts of beautiful flower arrangements for you. All you have to do is call one number and then it’s done. Because I’ve had some bad experiences with those services, I have my own system that works well for me.

When visiting loved ones in distant cities I take a couple of hours to scout out local flower shops. (I’m mentioning this a couple of weeks before the holidays so if you are traveling it will be on your mind.) 

Ask your loved ones or their neighbors or friends for recommendations. Pay a visit and see what the place looks like. Introduce yourself and tell them what you want. I was reminded of this trick while visiting my mother. I have been calling a florist in her community for years. I stopped by to make a purchase and she remembered me – not in person but as a voice on the phone. 

When my husband’s parents moved to a retirement village we saw some beautiful arrangements in the office there and also at their new church. We found out who the florist and paid them a visit. We took home the name and phone number and then, when we had a need for their services, we called them directly.

You can do this for more than flowers. Just think of the various gifts and services you’d like to arrange for your loved one, and then go do a little research. Take the phone numbers home with you and you are set.  It works for me.

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