12ways1The Twelve Ways of Christmas 

by David Jeremiah

Published by Thomas Nelson, 2008

I found the nicest little book to use for Epiphany. I believe it’s actually meant for Christmas, but as I’ll explain, it’s going to be my Epiphany book.  

It’s a small book with a big message. The author asks us to reflect on the true meaning and message of Christmas. He does this by focusing on twelve attributes or, as he calls them, twelve truths or ways of Christmas. The author points out that every year we try to make this the best Christmas ever. Then we become busy with gift shopping and/or gift making and gift wrapping and baking and special events and parties and traveling until we are exhausted. (That last sentence wasn’t from the book. It was from my own experience.) In the midst of our busyness something inside us calls us to pause, to reflect, to meditate: what is the central purpose of this holiday. Sometimes, some days, we are able to manage that. But —

Being realistic, I know that the busyness isn’t going to stop this year. It’s too late – Christmas is less than a week away – I still have a ton of stuff to do – ahhhh!  OK, take a deep breath. For me, this is why we have Epiphany. I know, I know that historically that’s not true. But, for me, Epiphany is the time I can calm down and be silent. Starting on December 25th and ending January 5th, Epiphany gives me twelve days in which to seriously meditate on what it means to be a Christian and why Christmas is important. 

This year I’m going to use this book, The Twelve Ways of Christmas, during Epiphany. There are twelve little chapters, one for each attribute or truth. The chapters are small – just enough for one day’s reading and meditation. The “ways” the author features are: Wonder, Sacrifice, Humility, Charity, Creativity, Simplicity, Affection, Reflection, Giving, Children, Music and Tradition. This little book will also fit well with journaling and leads into action plans; a great way to transition from old to new year and new beginnings.

So, this is what is going to work for me this year. I’d love to hear what you have planned. Happy Twelve Days of Christmas!