2009 is  going to be a great reading year. One of the reasons I like the book challenges that bloggers are sponsoring is because it helps me focus on what I want to read rather than just aimlessly picking up anything at the library or bookstore. (Not that I’m not going to do any of that – I will still do some.) The other reason for joining book challenges is to keep track of what I’ve read. At the top of this page is my list of books as I read them. I read a lot but often forget the title and/or author. I hate that. I want a method to keep my mind alert. 

As a recap, here is the list of book challenges I joined for 2009:

  1.    Library Challenge – 25 books from the library
  2.    Reading Through the Decades – 9 books from 9 consecutive decades
  3.    Books About Food – 6 books but it ends in April
  4.    Christian Readers Challenge – 4 books but it ends in April
  5.    Romance Reading Challenge – 5 books (only 5?)
  6.    Casual Classics – 4 books
  7.     Childhood Favourites – 5 books by June 21

There are a couple more challenges I’m looking to join. If anyone knows of one, leave me the link. I’m looking for a Western Book Challenge and one for Thrillers/Legal Dramas. If you are interested in any of the above challenges, just click on them for more information.

And to really keep my reading on the ball this year, I’m taking on the challenge to review every book I read. I know what my family members are thinking right now. I know, I’ve really become obsessive about this reading thing. Sorry, bear with me. You know I love to read. Besides, isn’t this Read and Review button cute?


Here’s how the Read and Review Challenge works:   

  • Review each book you read between January 1st and December 31st, 2009
  • Reviews can be as short, or long, as you wish
  • You may overlap with other challenges
  • eBooks and Audiobooks are allowed
  • For the full list of rules and/or to join visit Read and Review.

So, I’m ready to start reading with the new year. I hope you will join me. Happy Reading Year!