wfmw1I love to use my crock-pot. But I don’t like to clean it. The people at Reynolds have come up with these great liners. I thought I was the last to know about them but discovered there are lots of people in my family who weren’t aware of them.

They are so easy to use. I just put one into the pot before I put all the other ingredients in and then just proceed as usual. Here’s what they look like in my crock-pot.100_1622_1

When I am done and the food is all out, I pull the liner out and throw it away. That’s it! I usually give my pot a light wash but I really wouldn’t have to. This has saved me lots of time on clean up. Give it a try. By the way, on Friday I’m going to share some of my crockpot recipes for my niece. Come back and visit.

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