Teaser Tuesday asks us to pick two sentences from a current read and tease you into reading this book. Here are my two sentences for this week:


“One of the most interesting pieces of information he’d gleaned from the file had to do with the now defunct Triple Six Division of the CIA, or its “political destabilization” arm as it unofficially had been known to the CIA rank and file. The less polite term of course was “government assassin.”

This is from page 39 of Divine Justice by David Baldacci. For more teasers check out Should Be Reading.


It’s Tuesday, Where Are You? asks us to tell where we are and what’s going on in the book we are currently reading.  




I’m in a small town in Virginia. It seems like a nice, prosperous little town. But, strange things keep happening: there have been a couple of murders, people have beaten viciously, a home is blown up, to name a few. Things just don’t seem right. Not the place to hide out if you are on the run after killing two high profile Washington officials.


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