tsrtues1Teaser Tuesday is the weekly meme for tantalizing you with a book we’re reading. I will give you two sentences and see if you might be enticed into reading it too. Here’s my two teaser:

“Shouldn’t someone be searching for them by now? Justice had sent out that Mayday call, surely someone had heard it and contacted the FAA or whatever agency needed to be contacted.” 

That was from page 74 of Up Close and Dangerous by Linda Howard. More Teaser Tuesdays can be found at Should Be Reading.

A weekly meme called It’s Tuesday Where Are You? asks us to answer this question: Where is reading taking you today?

I don’t know my exact location but it’s somewhere on top of a mountain – probably tuewhrruIdaho or Washington state. The small chartered plane I was traveling in has crash landed along the tree line. It’s snowy and extremely cold. Both the pilot and I are still alive, although he has a horrible gash on his head. Speaking of his head, it is rather an attractive one, if you go for the rugged type. But now, since he’s unconscious, it’s up to me to get us out of this plane and find some kind of shelter until we are rescued.

For more of this meme, visit Raider Girl3 at Adventures in Reading. I’m having a good time reading this book and should be done in the next day or two. I’m planning to write my review by Saturday. Come back and check it out.