berternie2I think my reaction is a normal response of mothers. As my children grew, my concerns changed from what kind of people they would become to what kind of people they would choose as life partners.

I can’t exactly say that I worried about it. After all, my children always had good taste in people. As my eldest daughter, Candice, announced that she would marry a man we had never met, I will confess to being a little bit anxious. Fortunately, my son-in-law, Mark, turned out to be someone I truly love and admire. They have been married for overt ten years now and have given us two delightful granddaughters.


There are many things I admire about Mark from his excellent “daddy skills” to his political savvy. But the number one thing I admire is Mark’s zest for life-long learning. If the Portland, Oregon public library kept statistics, I believe Mark would be somewhere near the top of patrons checking out the most books. His taste in books ranges from classics to non-fiction to various fiction genres to graphic novels. Ohk, and there is also the classic movie/dvds and classic music cds he checks out. 

As they used to say in the old Dagwood comics, ” I’m sure glad we married you.” Happy Birthday, Mark.