fabblogWow! Is this nice or what! I am very honored to receive this blog award from Beth at Beth Fish Reads. It means a lot to me since her blog is so first-rate. Her book reviews are well written and thoughtful. And she has amazing photographs. See for yourself here.  

As a part of receiving this award I must now confess to you five of my addictions. I actually have more than five but I’ll share my favorites. 

Five Addictions:

  1. I’m addicted to children.  I love their wide-open, curious eyes, their sweet voices asking Why? and their constantly moving bodies. 
  2. Reading. I read books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, signs, boxes, menus, roadside markers, bulletin boards, the yellow pages, junk mail, etc. I HATE being stuck for even two minutes without something to read.
  3. Travel. Road travel is my thing. I’ve been all over North America with seven exceptions: the state of Alabama and these provinces of Canada: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan and Nunavut. I’m going to get to all of them in the next few years except Nunavut. (Too far north)
  4. Knitting is a great addiction. It is so meditative and calming. However, since I started this blog I haven’t knit so much. Maybe I need to admit that blogging is my new addiction.
  5. And, finally, Diet Coke. My family will say I should have put this one first but I really don’t think one Diet Coke a day makes an addiction. 😉 Make it with lots of ice and slices of lime, please.

Now I get to nominate some people I think have fabulous blogs. This is very hard as I read and admire so many blogs. But, here  *TA-DAH*  are my nominees:

Carrie at Read To Know and at 5 Minutes For Books. She reads and talks about the best books, both adult and childrens books.

Fleur Fisher who writes in such a lovely way about what she reads and is such a faithful patron of the library.

Raider Girl at An Adventure in Reading who sponsors the fun meme “It’s Tuesday…Where Are You?”

Brie at Musings of a Bibliophile  is the hostess of the Contemporary Romance Challenge as well as lots of other genres. Her web page is fun reading.