I’ve decided to make Favorite Places a regular weekly feature on my blog. As we travel around there are so many spots that we simply stop and enjoy. I snap some pictures and write a few words so I’ll remember the uniqueness of that place.

The fun is in sharing that time with others. Perhaps you have some favorite places and would like to join in. Here are some suggestions to jog your memory. I’m sure there are many more.

  • Favorite Places at Home: a comfy chair, a spot in the kitchen, a desk,your workshop or sewing room, or outside in the garden, the porch swing.
  • Favorite Places while on Vacation or at Leisure: the lake, picnic spot, playground, amusement park, a national park, a campground, a hiking trail, a mountain, a waterfall, a golf course or soccer field.
  • Favorite Places that Feed Your Obsession: bookstores or library, knit shops, fabric shops, craft stores, boutiques or shoe stores or malls.
  • Favorite Places at Work: your cubbie or desk, the lunchroom, a co-worker’s area, a conference room.

Let’s do this every Monday. Grab your camera, take some photos and upload them to your blog. Write a bit about why this place is special. Tell us something about the place – how it makes you feel, what it tastes or smells like – how it affects your senses. Come back and post your link in the comment section. We’ll all come and visit and share your Favorite Place with you. 

Here’s one of my Favorite Places. I feel the need to show this to my daughter back in Indiana. She’s just been through a miserable ice storm. This is Saguaro National Park devoted to native cactus in Arizona. It’s located just east of Tucson. About this time of year the cactus are blooming. I hope you warm up a bit.

saguaroWhere are your Favorite Places? Come and join in the fun.