worksI have been shamed into becoming a recycler. Until my children became adults I didn’t even think or really know about recycling. But now my granddaughter is even an expert! What’s a Nana to do but get with the program?! In addition to what my family is telling me, I did a little research on my own. Since I know I’m not alone in my ignorance lack of understanding on the subject, I’m sharing my research with you. I’m gearing myself up to reduce my trash to ONE bag a month. Read on.

Here are some of the links that have helped in my education:

  • Basic question # 1 – What is recycling?  This website defines recycling. It’s very basic but it makes sense. Scroll past the first bit of writing and you will find a neat cartoon-style video on how recycling works. It’s short – less than ten minutes. But now I know what happens after that big blue recycle container leaves the driveway. To see this go here.
  • Next, I wanted to know what to do with each thing in my hand. Is it trash or can it be recycled? I don’t want a manual. I want a quick handy little chart I can put on the refrig or white board. I found it here.
  • What else do I need to know or do? I’m ready to get smart about this subject. I headed over to my favorite online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. There I learned about other things like batteries, textiles, biodegradables, and electronics – and  that’s just a start. It’s actually quite fascinating.
  • Now I was ready for a bigger challenge.  Prior to the start of my recycling education I filled a kitchen-sized bag of trash every one to two days. Now I can go a week on one but I still have a long ways to go. When Genevieve sent me this link of a one-trash-can-a-month challenge, I knew this is what I needed. The website of the Enviro Moms has lots of helpful ideas. The two women on this website were featured on the TV show Nightline. The video of the show is on their website. Click here and go see it. It is both educational and inspirational.


I’m not an expert yet but I can say that recycling is starting to Work For Me. For more Works For Me Wednesday visit here. (And, I even know what this sign means.)