vocabularyKathy at Bermuda Onion is sponsoring a weekly meme featuring the new words we come across in our reading. I’m going to join in today with a couple of words I learned this week.

  1. Detritus – as in “. . . strung from end to end with the detritus of a thousand teenage beer and reefer parties. . .” ¬†Detritus means waste or debris of any kind. This was in Montana Creed – Logan by Linda Lael Miller. (Yes, Romance novels can have big words too.)
  2. Somnambulant – as in “. . . or of the somnambulant governmental establishment that presided over the catastrophe.” Somnambulant means sleepwalking. I found this on the New York Times Opinion page in a Frank Rich column. (Yes, I can read both the NY Times and Romance novels.)

What new words have you noticed lately? To join in visit here.