blogimprOur assignment for this portion of the Blog Improvement Project was to write as many different kinds of posts as possible. We were given the following list of ten varieties and challenged to come up with these ten different posts in the next two weeks. I MADE IT! Here is the list and my posts that fit the criteria. Click on the dates to go to the post.

  1. A Link Post – A RECYCLING CHALLENGE on February 11.
  2. A Short Post – TUESDAY MEMES on February 10
  3. A List Post – WHAT MAKES A GREAT BOOKSTORE? onΒ February 6
  4. An Opinion Post – BANNED BOOKS on February 10
  5. A Poll or Question Post – THE GOOD OLD DAYS: PLAYGROUND GAMES onΒ February 8
  6. A How-To Post – HOW TO BAKE BREAD IN THE CROCKPOT on February 3
  7. A Long Post – I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRD SINGS on February 3
  8. A Review Post – ANIMAL, VEGETABLE, MIRACLE on February 12
  9. A Definition Post – WHAT IS A FULL-TIMER? on February 13
  10. FREE SPACE – I started a weekly meme – FAVORITE PLACES on February 2 and February 9

I hope you have enjoyed my little experiment this past two weeks. I’ve had fun doing it. Hopefully my blog will have a little bit of variety to it now. For more information on the Blog Improvement Project visit Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness.