When my husband and I first started researching the idea of retiring to a life of travel we kept hearing the term “Full-Timer”. It took us a while but we finally figured out they were referring to people who lived in their RVs (Recreational Vehicle) all the time. As it turns out, there’s more to the definition than that. 

  • Full-Timers don’t own a stationary dwelling they leave behind or come back to. They don’t arrange for someone to mow the lawn while they are gone. They also don’t worry about the pipes freezing or other calamities while traveling. There is no structure to worry about.
  • Full-Timers are not homeless. Their home is wherever they park it. It’s a house with wheels attached. There is an old saying “Home Is Where The Heart Is” which fits this situation.
  • Full-Timers don’t have permanent neighbors, unless they always travel with the same group. When we camped in tents we always met the neatest people from around the world. Well, it still holds true for camping in an RV. I’ve spent my career in a “people industry” and I consider myself a people expert. So take it from this expert that our RV neighbors have been some of the finest people on the planet. Friendly, interesting, caring, culturally diverse, helpful if you need it, and generally people with their eyes wide open, having the time of their lives.
  • Full-Timers live simple but exciting lives. Although you may hear about the couple with the million dollar outfit who never use their kitchen, those people are very rare. Most Full-Timers care about the footprints they are leaving as they travel. They are happy to live a quiet and simple life while at the same time they can’t wait to see what’s over the next hill.

Ask any Full-Timer how they like the life and you will get the same answer from each one: “Wish we had started doing this sooner.” We’re very glad we had the chance to be one of these adventurous people. And here is where we  live Full-Time – well not exactly on the street but wherever we happen to park this thing.