vocabularyI’ve been reading The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie. (I reviewed it yesterday.) For such a light, easy-reading book, it sure had a lot of big words in it. I copied down quite a few but am only sharing a few with you. I don’t want to make your head bulge.

  1. enigmatical – difficult to understand as in “. . . and I dreamed that night of that enigmatical woman . . .”
  2. physiognomy – a person’s facial features or expression as in “His physiognomy underwent a complete change.”
  3. jocosely – playful or humorous as in “And he leered more jocosely than ever.”
  4. sagacity – wisdom, cleverness as in “Still, I had a great respect for Poirot’s sagacity — except on the occasions when he was what I described to myself as “foolishly pig-headed.”

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