22vantage-600We watched a good Netflix movie at our son’s house the other night and enjoyed it enough to share with you. Vantage Point is probably classified as a thriller and I’d agree. It was pretty thrilling.  

It’s the story of a presidential assassination in some Spanish town. We see the president get shot and a bomb explodes in the middle of a huge crowd with lots of witnesses. And then we see the same thing over again several times from the point of view of various people. It’s sort of like a rerun but not exactly. First we see it from the news-crew that’s filming the event; then from the viewpoint of a secret service agent; then the terrorists show their side; then how a friendly tourist sees it, and finally from the president’s point of view. Even though it is the same event being repeated, it isn’t exactly the same and it does not feel repeated. It was enough of a mystery to surprise me at the end.

Good acting came from Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker, Edgar Ramirez, Ayelet Zurer, Sigourney Weaver, and William Hurt. Each one played a part but no one was a star. The photography was very good and I especially enjoyed the aerial shots of the Spanish town. There was only one part near the end that seemed contrived. But overall, it was very good. I’d recommend it as a good rental for adults and teens.