deweys_weekly_geeks27This weekly meme asks the question: If you could interview one of your favorite fictional characters, who would it be and what would you ask.

I’ve been reading Agatha Christie mysteries for decades and I always wanted to grow up to be Miss Jane Marple. Now that I’m in that “certain age” I believe I can have a nice chat with her. A formal interview will not do. It would make her uncomfortable; but a friendly chat over tea is just the thing.

It just so happens that she and I were at the same charity fete. Our duty that day was to knit a large number of baby hats for local hospitals. I was sitting in an area with some extra chairs and trying to keep an eye out for her. I was involved in casting on my stitches when Jane Marple came over, sat down and introduced herself. I should have expected it as she is well known for knowing everybody. She would want to get to know the new face.

We chatted and worked on our baby bonnets for quite some time. I find that most people, with a few prompts, will generally tell you most everything you want to know and then some. She operates on the same principle so by the time we were half way through the first baby bonnet we knew quite a bit about each other and were on a first name basis. 

I told Jane about my children and grandchildren and she told me about her nephew and his wife and her various friends in St. Mary Mead. She’s quite proud of her nephew, Raymond, who’s a well-known writer. I also mentioned I’d heard of various goings-on in St. Mary Mead. She said it’s really rather scandalous but there have been some murders.

Jane is very modest about her part in solving crimes. I have my own theory about how she does it but I asked her anyway. She confirmed my suspicion when she said she doesn’t do very much except observe human nature. We both agreed that it’s often the little details of a person’s actions that will tell you what you want to know.

By the time our knitting was at a end, we were quite well acquainted. We exchanged information on our favorite wool shops and she gave me a tip on a great hotel. The next time we are both in the city we are going to meet up at Bertrams Hotel and have lunch together. Our day together was quite lovely. I’m looking forward to our next visit. But I do hope there won’t be any scandalous murders about. On the other hand it might be enjoyable to see how she does it.

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