vocabularyI recently discovered a magazine entitled Bookmarks. It’s all about, well, books. It’s a bimonthly with lists of new books (fiction and non-fiction), some reviews, some interviews and features. I find it well written and now that I’m more conscious of new words (thank you Kathy) I noticed a few I will share with you. These were all taken from an article by Jessica Teisch featuring the writer Tom Wolfe.

  1. glistering means sparkle or glitter as in: “In its depiction of simmering racial tensions amid a glistering, dissolute New York . . “
  2. zeitgeist means the defining spirit or mood of a particular period in history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time as in: ” . . . big important novels that captured the zeitgeist.”
  3. ziggurat comes from ancient Mesopotamia and refers to a rectangular tower, sometimes surrounded by a temple as in “. . . these men needed the right stuff – the capacity to triumph over “a seemingly infinite series of tests . . . a dizzy progression of steps and ledges,a ziggurat, a pyramid extraordinarily high and steep;”

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