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It’s the day for a few sentences to tempt you to read a good book. I’m reading The Way West by A. B. Guthrie, Jr. It’s an excellent classic about traveling the Oregon Trail. Where am I?

The year is 1845 and I’m traveling from Independence, Missouri to free land in Oregon. It’s unbelievably hard work every day. Even though we have wagons, we are walking most of the way.

If you like to read more of It’s Tuesday, Where are you? visit Raider Girl at An Adventure in Reading.

Here are a few sentence to give you a flavor of the book:

teasertuesdayThe question was, with wood getting scarce was it right and proper for the women to cook over fires made of buffalo chips? A tomfool like himself might think the women ought to have some say in the answer.
But no. The husbands would decide and go back to their wives, serious and wise, and tell them what was right. (page 88)

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Update: I just finished the book and will have the review ready on Thursday.




Where am I?

I’m in Minnesota in the nineteenth century. My family has come here to build a new homestead, grow wheat and become rich. As a young girl my favorite thing to do is play in the creek bed near our house.

I’m reading On the Banks of Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder. To read more of It’s Tuesday…Where are you? visit An Adventure in Reading.

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Here are a couple of teaser sentences from the same book:

teasertuesday“Laura told them about those mud-brown things without eyes or head or legs, that had fastened to her skin in the creek. Ma said they were leeches and that doctors put them on sick people.”

I’m reading On the Banks of Plum Creek for a challenge called Childhood Favourites. The idea is to read our favorite books we remember from childhood. It has been so much fun.

For more of Teaser Tuesday visit MizB at Should Be Reading.

tuesdaywhereareyouWhere am I? I’m on a farm in southern Appalachia. I’m attempting to feed my family for one year on only what is grown by us or within our local area. It’s pretty tough this time of year. Some things are impossible to get locally such as coffee, olive oil, and grains. But my family and I are determined to make it happen.

I’m reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. For more of It’s Tuesday…Where are you? visit Raider Girl at An Adventure in Reading.

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Using the same book, here’s a Teaser from page 198:teasertuesday

“At what point did we realize we were headed for a family tomato harvest of 20 percent of a ton? We had a clue when they began to occupy every horizontal surface in our kitchen.” 

This book is an adventure in both the thought process and the physical labor involved in making a commitment to eat local. This was a huge job for the whole family. I’m glad I read the book and will be posting my review in the next day or two.

For more of Teaser Tuesday visit Miz B at Should Be Reading.

teasertuesdayTeaser Tuesday is the weekly meme used to tantalize you with a book I’m reading. I’ll give you two sentences and see if I can tempt you into wanting to read it too. Here are my two teasers:

“Yes, exactly – of course – The young man hesitated, and then his agitation was too much for him. He clutched Poirot by the arm, and sank his voice to a whisper: “Just tell me this, Mr. Poirot, it isn’t – it isn’t strychnine, is it?”

Page 78 of The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie. For more Teasers, visit Should Be Reading.

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Where am I? I’m at a country estate in Essex, visiting an old friend and his extended family. It’s a pleasant place but I have a strange premonition. Something just doesn’t feel right. Well, if anything goes wrong I can always call on my friend, Hercule Poirot.tuesdaywhereareyou

You guessed it – also from Agatha Christie’s The Mysterious Affair at Styles. This is Mrs. Christie’s first published novel and thus the first Hercule Poirot novel. I’ve embarked on a challenge to read all the Christie books in order of publication. No time limit.

If you want to see more of It’s Tuesday, Where Are You? head over to An Adventure in Books.

tuesdaywhereareyouI’m in California in the 1980s. I’m in the middle of what people are calling a “whole food revolution”. My friends are Alice Waters, Wolfgang Puck, Marion Cunningham, and even Danny Kaye. I’ve had the chance to take “food tours” of Paris, China, Thailand and Barcelona. It’s a great life with the exception of the painful disintegration of my first marriage, my father’s death and a couple of other things.

I’m reading one of the memoirs of Ruth Reichl, Comfort Me With Apples. For more It’s Tuesday…Where are you?  visit Raider Girl at An Adventure in Reading.

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 teasertuesdayFor Teaser Tuesday I’m using the same book, Comfort Me With Apples. Here are two sentences to wet your appetite – pun intended.

“Then there was a sun-warmed salad, followed by duck grilled to the color of polished mahogany and surrounded by Pinot Noir grapes. A plate of new potatoes sauteed with butter, tart apples, and mint sat on the side.”

It’s been hard to read this book and not be hungry! This teaser is from page 204. For more Teasers, visit MizB at Should Be Reading.

tsrtues1Teaser Tuesday is the weekly meme for tantalizing you with a book we’re reading. I will give you two sentences and see if you might be enticed into reading it too. Here’s my two teaser:

“Shouldn’t someone be searching for them by now? Justice had sent out that Mayday call, surely someone had heard it and contacted the FAA or whatever agency needed to be contacted.” 

That was from page 74 of Up Close and Dangerous by Linda Howard. More Teaser Tuesdays can be found at Should Be Reading.

A weekly meme called It’s Tuesday Where Are You? asks us to answer this question: Where is reading taking you today?

I don’t know my exact location but it’s somewhere on top of a mountain – probably tuewhrruIdaho or Washington state. The small chartered plane I was traveling in has crash landed along the tree line. It’s snowy and extremely cold. Both the pilot and I are still alive, although he has a horrible gash on his head. Speaking of his head, it is rather an attractive one, if you go for the rugged type. But now, since he’s unconscious, it’s up to me to get us out of this plane and find some kind of shelter until we are rescued.

For more of this meme, visit Raider Girl3 at Adventures in Reading. I’m having a good time reading this book and should be done in the next day or two. I’m planning to write my review by Saturday. Come back and check it out.



Teaser Tuesday asks us to pick two sentences from a current read and tease you into reading this book. Here are my two sentences for this week:


“One of the most interesting pieces of information he’d gleaned from the file had to do with the now defunct Triple Six Division of the CIA, or its “political destabilization” arm as it unofficially had been known to the CIA rank and file. The less polite term of course was “government assassin.”

This is from page 39 of Divine Justice by David Baldacci. For more teasers check out Should Be Reading.


It’s Tuesday, Where Are You? asks us to tell where we are and what’s going on in the book we are currently reading.  




I’m in a small town in Virginia. It seems like a nice, prosperous little town. But, strange things keep happening: there have been a couple of murders, people have beaten viciously, a home is blown up, to name a few. Things just don’t seem right. Not the place to hide out if you are on the run after killing two high profile Washington officials.


To connect with more “It’s Tuesday, where are you” visit An Adventure in Reading. Come back and read my review of this book on Thursday, January 15th. 



Teaser Tuesday asks us to pick two sentences from a current read and tease you into reading this book. Here are my two teaser sentences for this week:


“An 1875 biography of Watts says of him, “One of the smallest of mortals, he had one of the largest of homes,” with “rich rural scenes, the delightful garden, the spreading lawn, and the fragrant and embowered recess all wooing the body back to health and the heart to peace.” Watts had his own suite of apartments packed with books, a sort of literary hermitage.”

From page 23 of Then Sings My Soul, Book 2. I’m going to review this book next Sunday, January 11th.

For more teasers check out Should Be Reading.

tsrtues1  Tuesday is the day when we pick a couple of sentences from a current book. The sentences are a teaser so you can be tempted to add this book to you To Be Read List.

Here’s mine for the week.


“Lillian, let’s go,” Samuel gently took her elbow and attempted to guide her away from him.

“Yes, I think you better go,” the man said. The man who couldn’t possibly be her father.


 From page 167 of Plain Perfect by Beth Wiseman. This is a book I’ve chosen to read as part of the Christian Readers Challenge. If you’d like more teasers, visit Should Be Reading.


tsrtues2Sponsored by Should Be Reading, the idea is to take a book you are currently reading and open it to a random page. Pick two sentences as a “teaser” to that book. I’ve enjoyed reading the teasers. They’re fun and I’ve add some possibilities to my book list. Here’s mine for this week:

“We’re going to have a hard winter,” he said, not liking the prospect.

“Why, how do  you know?” Laura asked in surprise.

“The colder the winter will be, the thicker the muskrats build the walls of their houses,” Pa told her.

From page 12 of The Long Winter by Loura Ingalls Wilder. For more Tuesday Teasers, head on over here.

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